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Strategy and insights from 40 years of execution and media buying.

Media customized for your company

Today’s consumer has more choices than ever before on how to get their information, entertainment, and news. Every Client is different. What works for one Client may not work for another. It’s important that you select an agency like Bedford Advertising who can transition seamlessly between different mediums to target your customers effectively at the decision making point in the shopping process. We’ve made it our business to know your customers and when and how to target them, whether it be traditional media (broadcast tv, cable or radio), in the digital realm (OTT, streaming audio and display) or print (out-of-home, magazine)

Our planners and negotiators have been in the business for over 30 years with extensive experience in automotive, political, branding and retail. Armed with the latest research and planning tools, trends and information, we select the highest qualified audience at the right time and place to maximize your sales.

Both during and after the campaign, we audit every single dollar spent to ensure your ads ran as placed and desired. Bedford Ads also makes sure you’re getting your unfair share of value added and bonus spots to extend your reach and frequency. If you want your media to dominate the competition, click below to get the discussion started with our Team.

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