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The Bedford Ads Story


In most cases, when your boss gets drunk and fires you, it’s not a good thing. Then again, sometimes it’s not as bad as it seems. In the case of Bedford Advertising, it was extremely fortuitous. You see, that’s what happened to Patti Bedford way back in 1980. A stellar account executive with the company that basically created what’s now local automotive advertising, Patti was a rising star in the industry. After an argument with her boss about how her accounts should be handled – and obviously one or two too many Scotch and sodas on his part – Patti was let go. Fortunately though, Patti wasn’t the only one leaving. Two of the dealers Patti worked with said that if she opened her own agency, they would be her first clients. So in the end, the boss lost two of his best clients, his best AE and had, what we assume was the mother of all hangovers.

From our humble beginnings, one thing has always driven our agency, and that’s helping our clients increase their market share. Over the years as we’ve grown and flourished, we’ve done exactly that for automotive groups and individual dealers across the nation. 

With all this experience, it’s no wonder Bedford Advertising has been a driving force in the automotive advertising industry for almost four decades. But we’re not resting on our laurels. Experience has taught us that business-as-usual is anything but. That’s why we approach things differently – so we can ensure every element of our marketing strategies are right on target and every ad dollar spent is right on the money. It’s also why many of our clients have been with us as long as they have – some for more than 20 years.

And that’s how a tipsy boss and a gutsy lady created an agency that continues to help dealerships across the country drive sales. Cheers.

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