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Red McCombs Automotive

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Transforming Automotive Group to Become #1 in Market

Red McCombs Automotive partnered with Bedford Advertising to increase brand affinity and awareness for their core group of dealerships in San Antonio, Texas. They also wanted to grow leads and sales across the entire dealership group. Bedford Ads set up digital and traditional campaigns that led to the highest total used car sales month in the history of the group.

Ad recall for their promotion has nearly doubled since 2019 and Red McCombs’ purchase consideration has almost tripled, putting it 10ppt+ higher than competing dealerships.

Their Story

Red McCombs Automotive is DRIVEN to provide superior customer service and create life-long relationships by exceeding our customers’ transportation needs and expectations. Established in 1953, our company is rooted in common values instilled by our founder: Red McCombs, who is DRIVEN to succeed and give back to his community. Today, our associates go above and beyond to serve each other and our customers. We are a family-owned business that’s DRIVEN to be Honest, Joyful, Transparent, Respectful and Profitable.

Red McCombs Automotive Group has 7 dealerships in the San Antonio market.

The Challenge

Increase sales and brand awareness in San Antonio

In order to increase awareness and sales, our team needed to build out a complete advertising mix customized to their particular market. Our creative team got to work to identify the messaging that would capture our audience’s attention, while our digital & media teams worked to identify the best channels to target with their budget.

We also needed to have systems in place to measure the impact of our performance.

Our Solution

Complete Advertising Mix That Maximizes ROI

  • We collected up-to-the-minute market data to target the most relevant audiences. 
  • Launched the “Driven To Serve” advertising campaign on broadcast TV, OTT, CTV and YouTube in the San Antonio market
  • Created targeted Facebook, Google Search and Google Shopping campaigns to capitalized in the uptick in search traffic.
  • We connected our advertising data with their CRM to provide us feedback on sales data. This allowed us to determine what advertising channels were driving sales.
  • We incrementally tested the advertising mixes in each market to maximize profitability 

The Result

The Red McCombs dealerships began seeing results immediately. Leading to the largest sales month in the history of the group.

“Traffic on some of our websites has been up significantly since we started advertising with Bedford Advertising. In particular,, RMF and SUP’s sites have jumped from 50% to 100% higher since launch.”

-Peter Brodnitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Red McCombs Automotive


Increase in web sessions


Increase in online leads


Increase in units sold