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Bedford Advertising has been a driving force in automotive advertising since 1980.

Experience has taught us that business as usual is anything but. That’s why we approach things differently – so we can ensure every element of your automotive marketing strategy is right on target and every dollar spent is right on the money.

At Bedford Advertising, we drive sales. Over the years we’ve helped numerous auto groups and individual dealerships across the country shift their sales into high gear – and we’d love to do the same for yours. Contact us today and take us for a test drive.

Leadership Team

Loves the Car Biz

Has 10W40 motor oil running through his veins 


Makes Great Margaritas

Swing by sometime and let her mix one up for you 

Vice President

Can and will knit you a sweater

Has seen every episode of the Andy Griffith show 

Creative Director

Lives to Rock

All of Beau’s amps go 11 

Production Director

Our Strategy

We Investigate

We start by researching your DMA and your targeted consumers. We utilize the latest tools, including Media Monitors, Nielsen TV and radio ratings, ComScore Ratings, American Fact Finder and more.

We Plan

We put together a unique and specific (and negotiated!) media plan and budget that gets you the best value for your money. This includes media buys,  a digital strategy, print and mail options, and production costs.

We Create

First, our creative department develops a brand identity for your dealership. Then they create advertising that showcases your identity to consumers in an interesting, unique and attention-getting manner.

We Implement

For a marketing plan to be successful, implementation is critical. Commercials begin airing, direct mail hits homes, web banners launch and eblasts hit inboxes the precise moment designated.

We Keep Track

To make sure our clients are getting the most ROI, Bedford’s account executives track the success of each and every campaign. We post buys to make sure stations delivers at least 90% GRPs with a goal of 100%.

We Have Fun

At Bedford Advertising we’re passionate about the car business.  And like most of our clients, we can’t imagine doing anything else. We love what we do – and we have a lot of fun doing it.


Given today’s media landscape, it’s imperative to know your buyer’s behavior so what you do and when you do it are relevant to the target audience. Media usage guides the medium selected in order to reach the highest potential qualified audience possible. Timing guides when the respective mediums are utilized.

Effective media buys are based on superior insights into the target audience. Bedford’s Media Department develops insight in their planning phase, and does extensive research using the latest tools to precisely insert your commercials into the most effective Traditional and Alternative Media programming available.

Pieces of Direct Mail Sent, Per Month

At Bedford Advertising, our goal is to reach the right audience at right time, all while saying the right things. Our art department creates eye-catching direct mail pieces that use bold color schemes, attention-getting headlines and non-traditional delivery methods to make sure your message gets noticed.

We have every type of list you can imagine: current title data, credit approvals, bankruptcies, student lists, conquest lists, saturation and more. Plus, we constantly update them to keep them current, and we track every project from beginning to end to ensure what was promised is what was delivered.

“The consumer isn’t a moron – she’s your wife.”

David Ogilvy

At Bedford Advertising, our goal isn’t winning awards – it’s winning over your customer’s hearts and minds. So the next time they need a new vehicle, yours is the first name they think of. That’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Check out our portfolio section to see a few examples of work that has helped move the needle and rev up sales for our clients.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein

From shooting to editing to sound design and post scoring, Bedford’s production department does it all. And, we do it all exceptionally well. Our full-time staff of editors, motion graphics artists, audio engineers, DP’s and producers are all seasoned veterans, and have worked on some of the largest automotive accounts in the country.

With full production capabilities in-house, our award-winning production team can turn key any size project, from concept to fruition. By owning all of our own state-of-the-art camera gear and production equipment, we’re able to keep production costs as low as possible. Plus, we’re able to react to changes in the market quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Our Account Strategy

Effective account planning is a combination of science and intuition. It’s creating and implementing automotive marketing solutions to take your business where it needs to go. It is also something Bedford Advertising does exceptionally well. Bedford’s automotive marketing consultants work diligently with you to analyze not only your brand, but also your competitor’s. Then, we strategically devise a marketing plan that will ensure maximum ROI.

Find the problems and develop solutions.

Delve into the consumer psyche to gain keener insight into their wants and needs.

Create automotive advertising that will get noticed and generate results.

Link this together in a simple automotive marketing strategy statement that we adhere to religiously

Digital Services


If you’re not at the top of the page, you might as well not be there at all. The search engines judge your website based on how well it works, amount of traffic to your site and the amount of relevant content. Are all your search, social and review sites linked? Is your creative message consistent across the media? Let us fix your website issues, broken links and add content to your site to make you #1.

Social Media

Your buyers are on social media. If you don’t have a consistent presence you’re missing the boat. It’s fast and affordable and the best approach is a combination of paid ads and self-posting. We can train your staff on how to maximize your social media pages and bring thousands of new visitors to your social media pages and to your retail website.

Custom Video

For millennials video is king. Automotive commercials, fresh content, viral videos, online contest, blooper reels, video introductions, video emails, drone footage and sales meetings. Our expert production team with their state-of-the-art gear does it all. With our in-house studio we can turn projects fast and get your message out to consumers when you need it.


Every store is different and so should your marketing and Automotive SEM campaign. You won’t find a cookie cutter approach to our paid search. We customize your campaign to maximize your number of leads based on your locality. Long tail search terms, deep links, dynamic number insertion are just a few of the tools in our bag of tricks. Every visitor lands on your website, every dollar we spend is clear and transparent with the goal of boosting your sales and service business.


The number one problem with automotive digital advertising is getting a true measurement of success. Are your goals set on your website? Do you know how many VDP’s, photo views and contact pages you receive? Do you have the correct tracking codes and pixels? The Bedford Ads Digital team can clean up your Google analytics page and make sure every single visitor and every single traffic source is properly tracked and reported. Once you know what is effective you can cut the things that are not working and add to those that are. Knowing is half the battle.

Brand Management

Your traditional and digital advertising should work cohesively towards one common purpose or goal. At Bedford Ads we establish your brand persona and competitive advantage firmly in the mind of the consumer. Plus, we can manage your customer reviews on Google, Yelp, Dealer Rater and Facebook as well as other review sites and manage your public events and public relations.

Get Social

Over 1/3 of customers use only their smart phone for vehicle research and over 1/2 of all video is viewed on mobile. We will integrate your message across all platforms ensuring for mobile optimization while establishing a dialogue with your prospective buyers at every stage in their shopping journey.


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