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We Drive Solutions

We believe the right way to drive business growth is through strategic, multichannel solutions that solve your marketing challenges.


Bedford’s Media Department develops insight in their planning phase, and does extensive research using the latest tools to precisely insert your commercials into the most effective Traditional and Alternative Media programming available.

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Direct Mail

Our art department creates eye-catching direct mail pieces that use bold color schemes, attention-getting headlines and non-traditional delivery methods to make sure your message gets noticed.

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At Bedford Advertising, our goal isn’t winning awards – it’s winning over your customer’s hearts and minds. So the next time they need a new vehicle, yours is the first name they think of. That’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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Our full-time staff of editors, motion graphics artists, audio engineers, DP’s and producers are all seasoned veterans, and have worked on some of the largest automotive accounts in the country.

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Bedford offers a variety of digital services including SEO, social media, custom video, SEM, analytics, and brand management.

Are you ready to accelerate your growth?

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