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“Must-Do” Automotive Advertising Strategies in 2023

Invest In Google’s Vehicle Listing Ads

Are you a car dealership looking to increase your online sales? Look no further than Google’s Vehicle Listing Ads. Google Shopping is already one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce, and Vehicle Listing Ads allows automotive dealers to showcase their products directly on Google search pages. This means that potential customers searching for cars on Google are much more likely to come across your listings, leading to a higher chance of conversions. Plus, these ads use features like automatic price updates, which means that your information stays accurate and up-to-date. So why wait? Take advantage of Google’s Vehicle Listing Ads and boost your sales instantly.

Use OTT to Reach Large Audiences on a Small Budget

OTT, or Over-the-Top television, refers to the delivery of television content via internet streaming rather than traditional cable or satellite. OTT offers several benefits for advertisers, particularly when it comes to reaching large audiences on a small budget. OTT platforms like Hulu and Netflix allow for targeting by demographic and even specific interests, allowing for highly targeted ad campaigns. In addition, OTT platforms offer scalable advertising options, with the ability to adjust budgets on the fly as well as measure ad effectiveness in real time. Whether you’re a small or large dealership, OTT can be a cost effective solution for expanding your audience reach and increasing ROI.

Create Social Videos That Stand Out

If you want your social videos to stand out from the crowd, like the one we did for Prosper Ford above, it’s important to think outside the box and get creative. That means finding unique and attention-grabbing visuals, utilizing engaging sound effects and music, and making sure your content delivers a clear message in a short amount of time. In terms of platforms, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are great options for hosting and sharing your videos. Facebook offers opportunities for targeted advertising, while Instagram is all about visually stunning content. No matter what platform you choose, consider experimenting with different formats like live streaming or storytelling through a series of videos. With some creativity and strategy, your social videos will be set up for success.

Targeted Inventory Ads On Social Media

If you’re looking for a way to increase your vehicle detail page (VDP) views and improve your web sessions, targeted inventory ads on social media could be the answer. By showcase your inventory on social media, you can reach a wider audience and target potential customers who are interested in your vehicles. Additionally, by using targeted advertising, you can ensure that your ads are seen by people who are most likely to be interested in what you’re selling. As a result, you can see an increase in VDP views and web sessions, which can lead to more sales. If you’re not sure how to get started, talk to your social media marketing team or automotive digital marketing agency about creating targeted inventory ads that will help you reach your goals.

Expand Into Google Dynamic Search Ads

Have you ever noticed how, when you’re searching on Google, the ads seem to be tailored specifically for what you’re looking for? That’s because Google uses dynamic search ads (DSA) to show relevant ads based on a user’s search query. DSA are a great way to expand your reach and capture leads that may be interested in your product or service but don’t know about your brand yet. And, they’re easy to set up – all you need is a Google Ads account.

When a user searches on Google, the DSA algorithm scans your website and analyses your landing pages to identify the best match for the user’s query. This match is then used to generate a dynamic ad that is served to the user. DSAs can be super effective in generating leads as they bridge the gap between targeting keywords and creating relevant ad copy. They also tend to result in higher click-through rates and lower costs-per-click than other types of search ads.

Not sure if DSAs are right for your business? Here are three reasons to give them a try:

1. You don’t have to worry about keyword targeting – with DSAs, Google does the work for you by automatically matching your ads to relevant searches.

2. You can serve highly relevant ads – since the DSA algorithm will match your ad to the user’s specific search query, you can be sure that your ad is relevant and targeted.

3. You can track purchase intent – with DSAs, you can track when users view your product or service on your website (VDP). This allows you to see which users are interested in purchasing your product or service and follow up with them accordingly.

Start Tracking Vehicle Sales Via Digital Advertising

If your advertising agency is driving vehicle sales for your dealership, they should be able to tell you exactly how many cars they’ve sold as a result of their efforts. But that’s not always the case. Many agencies only track their success at a high level, not drilled down to the individual digital platform. That’s why it’s important to ask your agency how they are tracking vehicle sales so you can get a better sense of their ROI.

The simplest way to track vehicle sales is by looking at your sales numbers before and after your agency began working with you. This will give you a broad sense of how your agency is impacting your business. However, it won’t give you insight into which platforms are performing well and which ones aren’t.

To get this level of detail, you need to ask your agency to track vehicle sales down to the individual digital platform. This way, you can see which ads are generating the most leads and resulting in sales. You can also identify any underperforming platforms and make changes accordingly. By tracking vehicle sales at this granular level, you can optimize your digital advertising efforts for maximum results.

If you’re looking for an advertising agency that can help drive vehicle sales for your dealership, be sure to ask about their tracking and reporting capabilities. With the right tools in place, you can track ROI at every stage of the sales funnel and make data-driven decisions to improve your results over time And luckily, we have plenty of experience in this area. Our team can help you get started with campaigns across Google, Facebook and Twitter that will reach new customers and convert them into buyers.

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