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Boost Auto Dealership Sales with the Bedford Dynamic Ad Network 


Last week I presented to a boardroom of 20 dealers and automotive group executives at DealerPoint, a Digital Dealer event in Orlando, FL. Each of them had very similar concerns about their advertising: 

  • What is the most important channel for increasing sales? 
  • How can I measure my advertising and add transparency? 
  • How can I increase sales without spending more in advertising? 

For most of them, building a long-term sustainable advertising strategy as advertising costs continue to climb was the largest challenge. 

This is what I revealed to those dealers and executives. It’s our newest and most revolutionary offering Bedford Advertising has launched in the last 44 years.  

We call it the Bedford Dynamic Ad Network— and it’s a game-changer in leveraging up-to-date audience data to boost sales and grow market share. And no one else in the market leverages anything like this

Understanding the Challenges in Dealership Advertising

The auto dealership market is fierce, with every dealership vying for the attention of potential buyers. Popular digital advertising methods, like Google Ads, often result in high costs due to the auction system where more advertisers drive up the prices. This competitive environment means dealers are not only competing with each other but with a plethora of other advertisers like and AutoTrader. Many of you dealers are even paying for them to compete with you on Google! 

This scenario often leaves dealerships struggling to achieve a positive return on ad spend without bidding on easy wins like their dealership name. 

The AI Problem: Reducing Search Engine Volume 

With dealerships on average spending 20-25% of their budget on Google, it’s important to understand the impact AI will have on search engines. With the rise of AI, search engine volumes are expected to drop by 25% by 2026, according to The Neuron, significantly impacting traffic for publishers. This trend necessitates a shift in how dealerships approach their advertising strategies, thereby moving away from traditional search engine dependency. 

The Bedford Dynamic Ad Network Solution 

The Bedford Dynamic Ad (BDA) Network addresses these challenges by offering a proprietary blend of first and third-party data to identify who is likely to buy in the next 30-120 days. This network limits ad waste and is optimized to continue to reduce cost-per-lead (CPL) and cost-per-sold vehicle (CPSV). 

Key Features and Advantages

Bedford Dynamic Ad Network

Targeted Advertising 

The BDA Network uses AI-driven targeting to reach potential buyers directly through various channels, including direct mail, social media, Microsoft & Google Ads, and connected TV (CTV) or over the top streaming services (OTT). This multi-channel approach ensures that your ads are seen by the most relevant audiences when they are looking to buy, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

Optimized Impressions 

Most ad agencies only optimize one or two media channels (mostly Google and Facebook) to grow vehicle display page (VDP) views or leads if you are lucky. We maximize meaningful impressions across hundreds of networks and optimize actions such as sales and foot traffic. By focusing on quality over quantity, the Bedford Dynamic Ad Network ensures that your advertising dollars are spent effectively, driving real results for your dealership. 

Transparency and Efficiency 

The BDA Network provides 100% transparency, ensuring that sales are accurately reported and continually improving CPSV or return on ad spend (ROAS). This level of transparency allows you to see exactly where your ad spend is going and the return it’s generating. 

The Power of Targeting and Repetition 

Effective advertising requires consistent messaging and frequency. Studies show that it takes 12 times before a potential customer can recall an advertisement. With the BDA Network, you can ensure your message reaches the right audience multiple times, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

Comprehensive Data-Backed Targeting 

We utilize a blend of first and third-party data across hundreds of data networks that we have vetted for quality. This ensures that our ads are delivered to the most relevant audiences. This approach not only improves ad efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience by providing relevant and timely information. 

Measuring Success 

The BDA network offers comprehensive tools to measure sales lift and full-funnel awareness. This means we can track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns in real-time, making necessary adjustments to optimize performance. 

Real-World Impact: Case Studies and Success Stories 

To illustrate the effectiveness of the BDA Network, let’s look at a few case studies and success stories from dealerships that have seen significant improvements in their sales and market share after adopting this proprietary. 

The Proof is in the Pudding

Case Study 1: Chevy Dealer Increases Foot Traffic 

One dealership saw a 51% increase in foot traffic within the first three months of using the BDA Network. By targeting in-market buyers through addressable geofencing, we were able to track those coming off-loan and off-lease when they entered the showroom. 

Case Study 2: Toyota Dealer Produces Higher Conversion Rates 

A Toyota dealership experienced a 12.5% increase in conversion rates after implementing the BDA Network. With precise targeting and consistent messaging, the dealership engaged potential buyers more effectively, leading to higher sales. 

Case Study 3: CDJR Dealer Improves Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) 

A third dealership reported an astounding 47.8% improvement in ROAS after switching to the BDA Network. This was achieved after (we recommended) that they decrease their advertising budget since they were overspending in many channels. That dealer sold 20% more vehicles after the adjustment. 


1. How does the Bedford Dynamic Ad Network identify potential buyers? The network uses a proprietary blend of first and third-party data to identify individuals likely to buy in the next 30-120 days. This data has been tracked for several years and has a proven and consistent buy-rate. 

2. What channels does the Bedford Dynamic Ad Network use for advertising? It has several traditional and digital channels including direct mail, social media, Microsoft & Google Ads, CTV/OTT, and programmatic ads. 

3. How does the network ensure ad spend efficiency? By optimizing ad targeting and ensuring repeated exposure to relevant audiences. 

4. What kind of results can I expect from using the Bedford Dynamic Ad Network? Dealerships have reported increases in foot traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved ROAS after adopting the network. Results will vary based on specific strategies and implementation. 

5. Is there a way to track the performance of my ads in real-time? Yes, the Bedford Dynamic Ad Network offers comprehensive tools to measure sales lift and full-funnel awareness, allowing you to track and optimize your ad campaigns in real-time. 

Targeting Through Meaningful Impressions

The Bedford Dynamic Ad Network is revolutionizing how auto dealerships approach advertising. By leveraging the most relevant and up-to-date audience data, it offers a more targeted, efficient, and impactful advertising strategy across their entire advertising portfolio.  

Ready to transform your dealership’s advertising strategy? Contact us today to learn more about how the Bedford Dynamic Ad Network can drive your sales and grow your market share. 

Chris Petrawski

Chris Petrawski


Chris Petrawski has spent over 15 years in the sales & advertising industry and has worked with countless dealerships to grow their market share. He has a master’s in marketing and been named a 40 under 40 in the advertising industry.